Wednesday, March 14, 2012

store update and miscellaneous

hello y’all.   …Don’t worry, I don’t ever pretend to be Southern in real life, it just always comes out on the blog.  I’m not crazy or anything.  ;)

Seemed like I was at the computer all day yesterday for hubby’s business and my Etsy…



Been drinking Italian Sodas lately because somebody left a bunch of club soda at my house and I have no self control.  Flavor of the day was Watermelon.  I blogged the recipe last year, but I feel strongly that you need to be reminded.

See that back corner, all the mess against the wall?  That is the last little spot to finish up before I share my room redo.  But I am waiting till something comes in the mail on Monday (I had thought it was this Monday- darn!), so hold your horses. 

Anyway, today I cleaned up a couple items I thrifted and an overlooked camera strap cover and got them photographed and listed in my Etsy shop



Click on the pics to see that item in the shop.

I really really like that lamp, but just don’t have a spot for it right now, so in the shop it sits, waiting.  Just waiting for someone to love it.  

I also had to make myself part with that blue tray… so neat.  Unfortunately I rarely set foot in a thrift store without finding storage pieces, so I already have plenty. 

Tomorrow I will share what I did with a few of the pieces I found last time.


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