Thursday, March 29, 2012

lego man

My little guy has discovered Legos over the past couple months.  Seeing him with his collection spread out by the sliding glass door was a perfect photographic opportunity to capture the everyday…


Legos are great for fine motor skills and also to exercise the attention span…



I thought he was still too young for Legos, and at first it was a little frustrating that he needed my help with every single step (maybe my attention span needs exercise).  But after some time and practice, he knows how to look for the new piece on each step and he even knows the instructions by memory now!  All I have to do is pull apart the tiny pieces sometimes, and congratulate him on a job well done.  =) 

I asked him to hold it up and smile and he denied me because it was not finished…


I used the opportunity to document a scene he had created which troubles me…



It would appear that the lift broke off that man’s lift truck and that he is badly injured and a helicopter has come to rescue him.  My husband works in a lift truck every day!  Yikes!  Praying for him now.

At last, the transformer was finished…



He’ll be as tough as Bumble Bee some day. 

I also wasn’t excited about the mess and scatter-around-the-entire-house factor Legos bring.  It hasn’t been that bad though.  We have a box for all his legos and we made a rule that he could only play with them when his sister was sleeping.  It is a great quiet time activity and he often does it on my bed when I am in my room on the computer, which is fun.  He is good about cleaning up every single piece when he is done and stashing the box so Susie can’t get it.

I wonder what Susie’s favorite toy will be as she gets a little older… girl legos… dollhouse… littlest pet shop… ?  What were your favorite toys growing up?


  1. That is Jacob's favorite fact he has been building like crazy over the past few days, as he has not been feeling good and I won't let him run around outside and play! :)


    PS - My favorite toy growing up was Barbie! :)

  2. I liked Barbie and My Breyer Horses, well, I still like my horses. lol They cover all the spots on my shelves that don't have books. :)

    ~ Sarah :)