Tuesday, March 13, 2012

thrift junky chronicles {17}

the thrift store sucked me in, yet again.  I went in to look for one thing: wooden crates.  I should have known, I don’t usually see them at thrift stores.  But I need one more for my bedroom wall and I couldn’t bring myself to buy one from a local gal off Etsy unless I hunted around for one myself, trying to eliminate the middle-woman.  One more place to check then I will have to suck it up and get it from Etsy.

Anyway, this is what I came out with…


Assorted vintage sheets $5/each (one was 50% off)

The top sheet with the coral, beige and turquoise will become my shower curtain.  I just made a shower curtain out of a vintage sheet but can’t sell myself on the colors in it.  Anyone who knows me, just pipe down about me changing my mind, okay?  At least I figured it out this time before the whole room was stuck in the color scheme.


That bit of ruffle you saw in the top picture and a snippet of it above, is a vintage slip!  I actually got it to wear and have it peek out of dresses, but I think it might have too much damage – I might just have to put it on my dress form and have it sit there and look cute.  It was only $5, so I’m okay with that. 


A great vintage lamp and a neat navy baking tray which will probably find their way into my Etsy shop


Baking sheet ($2) for art display (project to be shared when I find a second baking sheet!), San Fran map ($.99) for a friend, cute wood bowl ($2, and 50% off), and a sweet teacup ($1).

Checkout the freeways in San Fran area where my dear friend moved…


I feel for you, girl.  It is in the mail, it stressed me out just looking at it.  =)  BTW, I live in WA and I couldn’t find a WA map at my own thrift store, but I happened to find a CA one of your nearest big city?  Seriously?  You are spoiled.  =)


I missed a couple days this week here on the blog because I was doing this…


Homeschool had seriously suffered while I was working.  Now that I cut back my hours at work, we got back into the full routine every day this week.  I found a great preschool resource and downloaded some worksheets.  We worked on cutting and matching and did lots of reading.  So glad we are back in the swing of things. 

Well off to run some work errands.  Have a great weekend! 

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  1. I got the map! thank you!! And I love the look of that bottom sheet! So cute!