Friday, March 2, 2012

busy bee


I have been a busy bee this week. 

I have been frantically and lovingly working on tying up loose ends in my room, including tv area, dresser display, wall art and a crafting / office area.  Tiny sneak peek?  Okay…


Had to move my crafting desk and create storage on the walls.  Full post to come next week.  Off to Ikea today to pick up the last two things I need.  So excited.

Trained someone to take over most of my hours at work for the next couple months.  Huge relief.  Though I am sure I will be happy to pick up my hours again when it gets busy and have the benefits of a paycheck again.  =)

I have told you about my Forever 21 fetish…


I was really surprised that they took the time to wrap my mail order in tissue and put their sticker on it.  That’s usually what little boutiques do.  They are not a boutique.  They are like the Ikea of fashion. 

I had to exchange part of my online purchase today and picked up these beauties…


Earrings were $3.80 each and necklace was $5.80.  Excellent.

This is kind of turning into a Thursday Latelies post.  With all the random things bringing me joy lately, but without all the awkwardness that me on video would bring to your otherwise lovely day!  ;)

Last week, I got two of these for a buck at the dollar store…


I think they have a sweet vintage look and I put sky blue votives in them, which look so fresh, I love them.  Amber, I found them after I went in search of the rose glasses you showed me; I struck out on the glasses but found these, so I was happy!


I’m on my way out to stop in at Ikea for the last two things I need to complete my bedroom makeover, then on to the airport to pick up some friends!  Be sure to check back tomorrow with a Pinterest-inspired project.  Peace!

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  1. Must be a pretty cool someone to take over your hours! ;) lol All super cute stuff. :)

    ~ Sarah :)