Monday, March 26, 2012

kid update


I haven’t posted about the kids in a while.  Sorry grandmas!  I am trying to make an effort to remember to capture the every day things.  I did that a little the past few days.

Notice anything silly about this picture?


Let’s try a closer view…


Susie’s glasses broke (again) and she was such a good girl, she left one half on and just kept playing!  What a goof!  Mark wanted to take a picture with her with half her glasses.  And she actually gave me a sweet face this time.  She likes taking pictures now as long as you show her every single one.  And she likes posing with others.


I caught her in my room reading an old pocket Bible dictionary we have on the shelf…



DSC_0236  DSC_0241  DSC_0247DSC_0243 DSC_0244 

She was having fun pretending she wasn’t trying to mess up my quilt rows I had laid out. 


She also requested I take her picture doing her new trick…


What a strong little booger.  Them are some abs!

With the nice weather, Mark has been riding his dirt bike again.  I will get out there and get some photos of that next time, and do a special post.

Well that’s all I got for now.  Gotta do a long distance errand that gives me the perfect excuse to stop at Ikea and get the lamp I need to finish off my bedroom.  Well, the lamp and the laptop are all I am waiting for.  The desk is such a mess with the computer and tower and sub woofer and wires galore.  I think I am ordering the laptop this week, so it will be soon!  Very soon. 



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