Monday, May 9, 2011

Dutch Babies and all my babies

I am so into these…

That photo is from Woman’s Day Magazine (by Con Poulous), where I found this recipe (some call them German Pancakes, some call them Dutch Babies). They are like a weird, thick, spongy, delicious pancake. We just add a bit of butter and a dusting of powdered sugar to ours but I can’t wait till I have my own freezer jam to top them with. Cooked apples would also be yummy! I only took a photo on my first attempt, which came out thin because I only have one cast-iron skillet and it was too big…


Next time I will make it in the proper dish so it really puffs and curls.

In kid news, Susie got her glasses…


And has boogers in her nose. She would not leave in barrettes when her bangs started getting in her eyes, so when the eye doctor told me she would figure out that the glasses helped her see then she would leave them on, I was more than slightly skeptical. Turns out, they were right. She only takes them off when the nosepiece bugs her and starts leaving an indent! Who could blame her? Hopefully with a little more adjusting we can get rid of that problem.

She likes to watch the chicks…


The edge of the trough is as close as she gets on her own right now because she thinks she might want to squash one with her boot. True story. Naughty, naughty. I hold them and let her pet them, though, which she does gently. She likes to say, “boc, boc, boc!” at them.

Little man got a new ride…


The logger got a big side job and couldn’t resist blowing most of it on Mark’s new bike. His other “dirt bike” is actually an electric trials bike, but this one is the real thing: gas powered = loud and obnoxious. I think our neighbors officially hate us now.

I made these when we had some friends over for lunch after church…


Did you know Italian sodas were this easy…


Three ingredients, people. I gave the kids tiny ones, probably less than a cup each, but they thought they were so special. Just fill a glass halfway with ice, add club soda about 3/4 full, then up to an ounce (shot glass) of your desired flavor, then top it off with a splash of half and half. Top with fresh whipped cream! Oh man, I have a variation of this drink that is amazing in the summertime, I will have to share that soon.

So this little booger has definitely settled into our home and our hearts…


That is one of the boxes with lids I got for Mark to sort his toys into. Mark started carrying him around in it and he likes it. Now he gets in them and plays all by himself. I took that picture after Mark brought him and put him in the box in my lap. He tries so hard to bug me while I am on the computer, but can’t last long…

getting sleepy…



Down for the count. I think his official name is Storm.

Lastly, my Mom helped Mark pick this book and this tiny cupcake stand out for me for Mother’s Day…


The cover photo are not the cutest ones, but there are some inside that look amazing, and I think they might just taste amazing, too, so I will let you know if I find a killer recipe. Thanks, Mark! ;)

The logger also got me a huge bouquet of flowers, which I can’t show a picture of here because it might make you jealous. ;) Just kidding. It is huge though – the hugest tulips I have ever seen. Is hugest a word?

Well that is all for now. Peace!


  1. Can you make me one of those italian sodas? Why do you wait till I leave to start lunch? Also, Mark looks legit in his dirt bike gear...kinda scary. Oh Suz. I cant wait to see her in person with her glasses. That kitten is stinkin cute and I want to snuggle him. And last...I made those pancakes too!

  2. The kitten is just tooooo cute! and nummy! those Italian sodas look amazing! :)