Tuesday, March 6, 2012

fashion 9-1-1


Did anyone notice my half-makeover on my blog?  I changed the template, and I really want to finish up but it is on hold until I get my new laptop and have Photoshop again!  Bear with me.  I know you are losing sleep over it, right? 

Okay, so am I the only one who has fashion trouble, or at least closet trouble?  My dear friend Leah has come over and helped me with my closet countless times (literally, I couldn’t count them).  She puts her foot down and tells me to get rid of stuff.  She tells me I shouldn’t get rid of certain items and shows me how to wear them, so then I actually like them.  She puts together outfits I didn’t know I had and never would have thought of, and I sometimes make her take pictures of stated outfits so I can remember that I own them.  I keep telling her she could make money doing this for people.

Do any of you have a friend like that?

Look what she did for my mom this weekend…

DSC_0001    DSC_0006

DSC_0007    DSC_0008

DSC_0009    DSC_0010  

DSC_0013    DSC_0014

DSC_0002    DSC_0012

Her wardrobe got a workout.  We included some detail shots; the one above was how to roll her skinny cargos up, and also showed that she could leave them down. 

Leah did a good job giving her some options!

If you need fashion help, invite that girlfriend over who’s style you like, who can be honest with you, fix her some tea or coffee and maybe a little treat and have at it!  Actually, food is pretty much required to give you the strength you will need… following one of these sessions the aftermath can be frightening…



  1. I can't believe we got that many outfits out of that closet. CRAZY! On camera...my favorites are the black top, with black leggings and black cardigan. And after that #1 and #9. Love the picture of the aftermath! Hope your mom is happy! And of course I couldnt have done it without my two assistants.

  2. Yes...mom is very happy! I also like the black top with leggings and cardigan. Thanks a bunch girls!