Friday, March 30, 2012


I read last week that the web-famous Pioneer Woman’s hubby, Marlboro Man was making himself egg-in-a-hole daily while PW was out on her book tour.  Word had it, his brother Tim was also making them while his wife was gone.  Sounded like something my hubby would like.  Sounded easy.  I needed something easy that hubby would love.  That seems impossible in my case, but so simple, I thought it was worth a try…


It did not disappoint.  He was working in the garage the other morning and I delivered one to him out there.  When I went back out to see how he liked it, before I could ask how it was he was telling me it was “Mass good!” and he needed another one.  Please note: I am NOT married to a 14 year old.  My 28 year old husband still has not removed the word “mass” from his vocabulary.

See Pioneer woman’s post & instructions here (from the archives – 2008!).  In a nutshell, you melt a couple tablespoons of butter in a skillet on L/M, cut the center out of a piece of bread, lay the bread in the pan of melted butter, and crack an egg into the center.  Flip.  Done.

This makes me want to make toast in a frying pan every time. For some reason, even though it is just butter and bread, the flavor of the toast this way is way better than regular toast!

Whether you have a hungry man in your life, or just crave something yummy, quick and simple…


I highly recommend PW’s egg-in-the-hole.  Or two.


Well, I am off to go finish up some cabinet painting.  It’s like therapy. 


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