Friday, March 16, 2012

projects jar

Last time I went to mom’s she gave me a treasure.  She said she had some OLD pictures of relatives and she wasn’t sure exactly who the people were, so she didn’t didn’t need to keep them.  She asked if I would like them and I though if nothing else, I would stick them in a glass jar and just have it look like a cute little collection of old photos.  So I took them home.

Here are my favorites…


Some of those pictures are priceless!!!  Mom, no taking them back now!  I love these all, but the swimming or camping one must be my favorites.  There are a bunch more, too.

When I got home, I saw my cute glass jar filled with ugly little bits and pieces of projects that needed to be done.  I had stashed little random supplies purchased for projects I need to do in the jar so when I need a quick crafting fix, I can go to the jar and grab a little something and get it done.

But the contents of the jar weren’t very pretty themselves…


It’s okay, I knew how to fix this.  I tucked the photos all around the outside edges of the jar, facing out…



To add a little pretty, I made a plaque out of a stiff cardboard backing of a notepad (I always keep those!) and finished it off with some cotton string and an opaque white marker…


I simply penciled the shape by hand, cut it out, added the outline and text with the opaque white marker.  Then I punched a small hole in each side, threaded the string through as shown above, and put it around the jar, tying a square knot in the back.




It is a welcome addition to my new desk space! 

In the background you can see that my last little corner is cleaned up!  The dress form was supposed to arrive next Monday but it came early yesterday and I promptly added it to my room and tidied everything around it. 

I know I keep saying this, but now I “just need” a more efficient lamp and a laptop, so I can get rid of the maze of cords!  Then all will be nice and neat and I will share the whole entire room!   Oh, yeah, and as my mom reminded me last week, I still need to finish my quilt.  It is actually written on the list now, so we will see.  I won’t make you wait THAT long to see the room though.  =)


  1. Those photos are amazing! I would LOVE to have some of my family, a treasure, indeed. :)

  2. I thought you might stick them in a jar. Very cute.