Saturday, April 20, 2013

friday farmhouse { 2 }

So thanks to a Bestie I remarkably remembered to post this today.   I knew I'd be bad at this regular posting thing!

But never fear, here in the nick of time, another farm house for your viewing pleasure...

Oh, what a coat of paint could do!

Friday, April 12, 2013

new! ~ farmhouse friday

so I am going to be brave and fight against my nature and start a weekly topic post. 

I might never post another Farmhouse Friday feature ever again.  Or I might be super good at it, succeeding in my plan of forcing myself to document all the local farmhouses I am in love with so I will someday have tangible file of inspiration when/if we get to someday build a new farmhouse that looks old.  ORRRRR, I might post farmhouses here on sporadic Fridays sometimes but not so regular.  The latter sounds about like me and my life these days.

Hey it’s worth a shot.  And I really do want to have a record of the farmhouses that really make my heart go pitter patter.

So, without further ado, this week’s feature…


I’ve had an eye on this house for some time.  If it weren’t so close to the noise of a neighboring highway I would have looked up the records and owner by now since it has been in this sorrowfully abandoned state for a few years.  I just wanna wrap it up in a big hug of vinegar and Windex and sandpaper and fresh white paint and love! 

Oh, farmhouses.  They have the same power as baby cows to evoke the “Awwwww!” from me at first sight and hold my attention until my neck hurts from watching them go by.  Am I the only one that is drawn to the run down ones?  The pristine historical homes on the main drag in town hold no such appeal for me.  I <3 a fixer.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

baby love ~ a photoshoot

I have two weddings to share with you but this little baby session was quick and easy so little miss Ellee gets to cut to the front of the line on this here blog.  Maybe I’m a little bit bias.  The firstborn princess of a BFF can do that to a girl.

While I was visiting with dear friends in California, we took their little Ellee to the library, armed with a vast array of headbands and an orange for a prop, stolen from a tree on the walk to town…

Get her ready…


Get her set…








DSC_0425_BW       DSC_0412     




DSC_0441      DSC_0435










We were so distracted by Ellee’s wardrobe and accessories, we forgot to address the grown ups’ wardrobe for a quick family portrait.  Ellee classes it up enough for all of ‘em…


Thanks for a great visit guys, and I already feel due for another visit with that little lady of yours! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

bad timing

Of course the day I drop off the laptop-with-a-screen-that-looks-like-psychological-ink-blob-pictures-of-doom to be fixed, I come up with four blog posts I want to write but can't because the pics are on said laptop.  It's the way of the world. That's what I get for driving away with the laptop on the roof of the car.

I was in California over the weekend with a dear friend, visiting another dear friend. It was the best. My cheeks were sore from laughing enough that I considered it a core workout.  I tried to get a workout lifting and carrying my friends new baby but she was too tiny, I could not tire of holding her little preciousness that for a minute made me miss the smell of babies.  It was a quick minute.  And don't tell my husband I even said that. Lord knows that man's quiver is bigger than mine.

My friend showed us her favorite places to eat and we went shopping -okay, several times, and I got some terrifying neon pants and we stayed up too late talking -constructively arguing, and she made us an Easter ham because we accidentally booked our trip over Easter after we had accidentally booked a month long trip before that and had to reschedule. We don't usually get out much.

It was highly refreshing and relaxing and rejuvenating. I can now resume everyday life.

Thanks for having us, Leah, and for being an excellent and most generous hostess and Eric for putting up with us, though I know you enjoyed every minute of our antics! And thanks for being a true friend, Kristel, and being willing to accompany me and endure any possible panic attacks I feared might have been provoked on the airplane.

Hope you all had a swell weekend!  And I just realized it's almost the weekend again already! Yikes!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Plaid Barn giveaway

Hey, you may have noticed an ad for the Plaid Barn in my sidebar.  They are a fun company to follow: they send you an email each morning with one special crafting or supply item they are offering at a nicely discounted price.  Their items are usually less than $5, so it’s fun and affordable.  I’ve gotten many supplies from them and I’ve always been happy with the price and quality.  And if you go to their website through the link in my sidebar I get the tiniest percentage of your sale as an incentive to having that ad. 

But, more importantly than all that…  they are having a big washi tape collection giveaway!


Click here to enter to win an instant collection.

I must go wipe drool off my face now.