Wednesday, March 7, 2012



phew!  I thought I only had one outfit to share with you from this week, but I just came across two more.  good.

this one is bad.  very bad…


pants: Old Navy, shirt: Target, tank: Target, Cardi: Target

Same tops as an outfit from last week but I have figured out that yoga pants can be incorporated into outfits and still be somewhat stylish maybe kinda sometimes.  A very dangerous discovery.  when I left the house I put on my fake Uggs to further cement the fact that I am so fashionable.  Right?



jeans: Sevens (thrifted), shoes: Toms, tank: thrifted, Cardi: Target, necklace: Forever 21 (old)

Yet another tank and Cardi combo.  My fallback outfit.



pants: GAP (outlet), boots: Target, boot socks: H&M, top: thrifted, Cardi: Target, necklace: World Market

I came up with this by copying the long shirt with cardi outfit Leah did for my mom for her fashion consultation last weekend. 

And I will have you know, my 5 year old son took that photo!  I got tired of having horrible self-fashion-photos, and set it up and made him do it.  That was his first try.  He is hired.  As long as he doesn’t digress like last time I gave him the camera.

Also, I am wearing a zipper flower (in my hair) and crocheted flower ring that my dear friend made me.  Thanks Sarah!


I have been trying on a new and a Pinterest-inspired outfit for date night which hubby is promising me this weekend…

DSC_0855 DSC_0867 

I couldn’t wear the second one in public without some serious safety pinning… I don’t know how the girl on Pinterest did it.  I think the floral wins at this point.

And don’t get excited about my hair – it looks like that for 20 minutes when I get out of the shower, and as soon as I commit to keep it that way (not dry and iron it it), it goes plain frizzy.  You can even tell in the ten minutes between the pictures, the second one is worse.  Lame. 


Time to go watch Lost from in bed.  Has anyone else sunk to the level of  watching TV in bed?  Am I just getting old?  Or have you always had a TV in the bedroom?  I always hated TVs in bedrooms, and sort of still do.  Except for every single night when we cuddle up and watch our Lost.  We are almost done with the series though… then we have to find a new one! 

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  1. I like the outfit with the lace skirt! :) However they all are pretty cute. :)

    ~Sarah :)