Tuesday, March 27, 2012

theology, a quilt & a plant pot

men in black seriously has to be one of my favorite movies of all time.  It is one of those movies where I have to physically restrain myself from repeating every line as they say it because I know it all by heart.  Do you guys remember the scene where the white girl is walking in the ghetto at night with quantum physics books?

Well I assure you I am not an alien, but…


Systematic Theology kind of sounds overwhelming to me like Quantum Physics.  Really it is not.  It is described in our course notes as “the study (or science) of God and His relations to His universe.”  I am taking attempting this course at our church’s Bible School.  I have attempted a few courses over the years… not sure if I have actually finished any of them.  I audited the How to Study the Bible class last quarter, took great notes and kept everything so I could go back and do the assignments at my own pace.  Contenders Bible School is a rigorous bible school at our church, which is being used as a model at many other churches as well.  It is so intense, and yet, really basic at the same time.  Intense in that many of the courses have quite a lot of reading and writing, but basic in that it is such basic but important content, that all Christians should know.  It is learning what and why you believe.  If you believe something, shouldn’t you know what you are believing and have a reason why you believe that?  See?  Basic.  Also, FYI, CBS charges no tuition – attend for the cost of books, and help is available for that, too, if needed.  =)


The past couple weeks I have been knocking out projects using my handy goals clipboard to prioritize things I want to get done.  By the way, I love that thing.  I have a spot for blog posts to write, a general to-do area and two spots where I itemize a room “makeover” if you will and what I need to accomplish in that room.  It really helped me finish up my bedroom, and if ever I was at a dead end because I needed supplies or to save money for something, I could move over to the other work in progress and knock something off that list.  Super helpful for my scatterbrain. 

This week I have been busy working on this…



Next time I tackle a quilt I will do something like this.  No more detailed patterns for me.  I tire of them too quickly and it becomes a burden and when I finally do finish it (or my mom and her dear friend finish half of it for me out of the goodness of their hearts), I am over the design by then.  I am a bad quilter.  Oh well, it just needs to be sent off to get quilted together, and then it will be done.  It will be warm and colorful on my bed – nothing wrong with that!  Thanks mom and Sue!


I got a tiny little crafting fix today…


With a little craft paint I added some color to a galvanized IKEA plant pot…


Everything that I scrounged up for this white side table was also white, so I dug this galvanized pot out of the attic but I didn’t like the pot as plain galvanized either.  Add a little liquid sunshine and now it is lovely and bright!

By the way these fake IKEA plants are the only fake plants I like.  I keep searching for others because these three variations are all the same size and shape, but I just can’t find others that I like as well. 


Anyway, that’s all I got.  I’ll share a couple super duper extra easy recipes later this week. 


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  1. I opened the Theology book this morning to start reading. I have decided I am going to attempt to follow along with Adam as he completes the class.