Thursday, March 15, 2012

thrifted goodies and new shoes

Okay, so if you have trouble thrift store shopping and don’t know what you would do with the little goodies you find there, I have a few examples for you.  Here is what I did with some of those goodies from my last thrifting trip


The little white dish became…


A sweet catchall for items on my nightstand atop a stack of books I never read. 


The little wooden bowl became…


A much needed larger home for my growing collection of bracelets.


The floral teacup became…


A scoop for my laundry detergent!  Who does that!!??  Crazy thrifters like me.


See, easy.  Just pick up pieces that you love and take them home and walk around and find a purpose for them.


Completely non-related… The other day I bought these…


So fun.  This is my favorite color right now.  I like to call it dark teal.  Probably because it is, in fact, dark teal.  These shoes are Target’s version of the old Keds.  The Keds aspect appeals to the nerd in me.  But the lack of laces?  That’s my trouble maker streak, right there.  Lack of shoelaces is pure rebellion.  Anyone with me on this?  They also have blinding neon colors, but I’m not that bad.  Just no shoelaces bad.

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  1. I love the idea of a sweet little tea cup as my detergent scoop! It makes me want to run to the thrift store!