Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hey, I think this is a good roundup of outfits – at least for me!


DSC_0209 DSC_0214

Jeans: thrifted sevens

Sweater: Forever 21

Necklace: World Market

Shoes: Toms

This was a plain Jane no brainer day.  Notice, I left the sunglasses on my head to show you it was actually sunny that day!  I didn’t have to cover up my outfit with my Northface jacket for once!  Oh, Pacific Northwest.  Also, this sweater and necklace took “tone on tone” to a whole new level – an even more boring one.  ;)   And, my hair is two different colors in those two pictures.  I just like to change things up every few minutes, you know.  ;)



Dress, boots, tights & cardi: Target

Belt: thrifted

Deer necklace: Forever 21

Date night with hubby and a friend of ours out to see The Hunger Games.  Might have also worn it to church.  Loved this outfit.  The dress fits a little tight in the arms, and I know a friend said the same, but it’s worth it.  Beauty is pain, right?  I might be brave and try to alter it, or I might be lazy and leave it.  We shall see.  Notice, I have officially entered the trend of colored tights?  Husband said, “Why are your legs yellow?” I said, “I know, it is kinda weird right, but kinda cool?” He had no comment. 



Jeans: GAP Outlet

Boots, earrings & cardi: Target

Top: Forever 21

Necklace: thrifted

This was out to dinner with the in-laws – also loved this outfit.  Flowy and feminine and comfortable.  Felt a little fancy without trying too hard.  Easy.  Man, that cardi is getting a workout. 



Boots, scarf & leggings: Target

Boot socks: H&M last fall

Cardi: Shade clothing Co. (thanks mom!)

also wore red and gold thrifted earrings –forgot to do jewelry shot.

I wore this to do an errand and go to IKEA.  Also totally comfy and felt feminine.  The sweater was a good length – long enough to cover everything but not so long that I wasn’t sure if it was a dress.  I have also officially entered the trend of cardi w/ leggings.  I entered the trend of boot socks some time ago, and the youth group kids won’t stop hassling me that they are cheesey – please, send reinforcements.  They won’t listen to reason Pinterest.  I am right, right?  I love them no matter what.


So what have guys been wearing this week?  What trends are you diving into? 

I am linking up with WIWW over on the Pleated Poppy.



PS:  I digress, posing in the mirror is so much easier than my other options of having a toddler or teenager take the picture 26 times, and me still ending up looking pregnant or having a double chin.

PPS:  when I buy my laptop (this week!) and am blissfully reunited with my beloved Photoshop, I am totally editing out the heater vent behind me in these pics.


  1. I like your outfits:) you have cute style!

  2. I saw the yellow tights pic and thought "what happened to her legs??!!" But I still like it! My fav is the skinny jeans with floral top....super cute!

  3. I like the Floral top too! Super cute... :)

    ~Sarah :)

  4. I adore all the florals... you look super cute.. and comfy... I'd wear it all!