Thursday, March 1, 2012

clock re-do


I told you in my broken hearts post that a little room we use for AWANA at church had been broken into and vandalized.  One thing that got trashed was our clock.  It was nothing special, just a $4 target clock in a bright magenta.  I went back to get another this week and they only had white.  BO-RING. 

Standing in the store, I had an idea.  I brought the white one home and didn’t even take it off the packaging before I added some color…




I think it turned out okay!  I simply used craft paints and a medium sized brush, painting random little dashes in different colors on three different rows until it was filled in. 

I I like the sort of watercolor feel it has, and it takes the clock beyond boring office white, which is what I needed to do.  I can’t wait to go add it to the room! 

What do you think?  Too weird and random?

1 comment:

  1. I just assumed you bought it with that print on it. So I think that means it looks good.