Tuesday, April 3, 2012

just a quick hello

Sunday and yesterday  were so sunny, we were out getting our vitamin D several times.  While we played outside I remarkably remembered to grab my camera!  Here is one of the cute shots I captured of Susie…


I love that boots-perpetually-on-the-wrong-feet-girl!  With 5 kids under 9 and a teenager in the house, getting outside is such a necessary thing for sanity.  I bet moms and dads in other parts of the country where weather is always mild don’t even realize that.  In the Pacific Northwest, we do. 

Have you guys heard of Picnik?  Picnik is an online photo editing website which is offered free until April 19th, when it is officially handed over to Google, the new owners.  I don’t know if it will still be free then.  But it has allowed me to be able to make minor edits and add text to photos while I am using a borrowed computer with no Photoshop.  But I still violently miss Photoshop – it is abundantly more versatile and specific.  But I will say that my shots have gotten much better SOOC (straight-out-of-camera) by necessity during this time!!  

Anyway, I used Picnik to create the above photo with the “60’s” effect and added some text. 

Then I created this cropped version and added the effect called “lomo-ish”…


Some people are picky about coloring in photos being realistic all the time.  This “lomo” filter is named for the images created by a camera made by a certain company, named LOMO.  The camera created images having this feel which we now consider sort of retro or vintage.  This effect is very vibrant and obviously Susie’s hair is not dyed orange in real life, but it is a fun style to be creative with.  I like that it captures the sunny feel of the day.  You can read about what “lomo” is here on wiki, and there is a link to a gallery of lomo photos at the bottom. 

Today… back to the rain.  I hear we are having the 3rd rainiest spring ever recorded in the area.  I am going to have to look at this photo every day to cheer me up! 


Oh yeah, I have no WIWW tomorrow because I am so lame, I wore all repeat outfits this past week.  And I mean all repeat outfits that I have shared with you since I started WIWW several weeks ago – I told you it was lame.  Oh well, back on the wagon next week!

I’ll try to pop in tomorrow with something else!




  1. Google bought picnik awhile ago. They are shutting it down. Not a big enough business for them to care about keeping.

  2. Thanks for mentioning Picnik. I had never heard of it before, but like what I can do with it. Can the regular old Photoshop do all the same things??

  3. Yeah, Photoshop does far more than Picnik, but Photoshop is expensive, and learning to use it is extensive. Photoshop is Apollo 13, while Picnik is a child's rocket kit. =)