Saturday, December 31, 2011

late for chirstmas


we have had 4 out of 9 people in our household experiencing the flu this week.  yuck.  I might be a little depressed that our new year’s party had to be called off.  so sad.  but no one has puked since 1 am, so things are looking up.

I have been off work this week, which has been so nice!  I feel like a housewife again!  I have been cleaning, getting rid of the christmas tree (none too soon! it was so dry and poky!), getting a couple projects done… the usual.  We have had friends visiting from out of state which has been awesome. 

I finally made my wreath snowman now that winter is in full force…


My house color is nasty and makes my door color look nastier, but hey, at least my hubby’s boots now look cute sitting in front of Mr. Frosty.  He was supposed to have a hat, so I got one from the thrift store but couldn’t figure out how to get it to stay on, then when I looked at my Pinterest inspiration, I realized they made something out of felt (I think), and I was way too lazy.  He’s good enough for me.  =)

I also finally got my coffee table and arranged a display the way I wanted it for the holidays, in time for the new years party, which is now cancelled anyway – all so sad…


I got the Aidan Coffee Table from World Market.  I watched for it to go on sale for a long time and finally used a coupon and my christmas bonus.  Now it is on sale.  Sad but true.  I hate paying (almost) full price.  I have been without forever though and it was troublesome.  Now I have the games out and handy, and also a nice place to arrange things and hubby has his footrest! 

I made a couple winter scenes and layered them in with candles and greenery for the display…




In project news, I finally started painting the chairs from state surplus.  I’m using Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, of course.  Look how it wears off in a fine powder when you sand it…


They are painted with 1.5 coats, sanded/distressed, have one coat of clear wax, and are awaiting me to work up the courage to tackle the dark wax for the first time!  I know it will be great but it looks sooo dark in the can it makes me nervous!

Okay, gonna go running even though it is getting dark!  Gotta put on my neon yellow shirt and get moving!

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