Thursday, December 15, 2011

deer decor, jar decor, and cd gift idea

I have been decorating…



I want to make some of the jar scenes people have been pinning on pinterest, but those were my only trees and deer!  I can’t find more good ones of either!  BUT, someone did tell me some good news yesterday, that a Hobby Lobby just opened nearby!!!  All the Midwest blogging ladies always say to go there for things, I am ecstatic to go and check it out today!

A week or two ago I made a cute jar, inspired by Ashley Ann’s


DSC_1052  DSC_1049

Cute and fun and I don’t know yet what I’m doing with it.

Lastly, before I rush to work, my gift idea is a CD with either photo images or a custom music compilation…


Several years ago a sister in law gave me a compilation Christmas music CD, because that was all they could manage… I LOVE IT - to this day it is the first Christmas CD I pop in.  Whether family photos for grandma, or music for your sister, I recommend wrapping the CD cute.  Here is the Pin I followed to create this little package.  This was a wedding photo package, thus the business cards, but you could customize with whatever embellishment you wanted.

Off to work!  One last full day without my kiddos - my mother took them off my hands this week!  Must work, get coffee table, go to Hobby Lobby, come home and CRAFT like mad to finish some Christmas gifts!!  Peace!

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