Saturday, December 10, 2011

calling all christmas cards


Excuse me but what is up with no one sending Christmas cards this year???  Usually my card wall is full and this year I have one single card.  What the heck?

I am here to inspire you today to get your cards out.

I tried to order my Christmas cards online.  I picked out these two card designs that I liked and was trying to decide which one to order…

christmascardcopy2  ChristmasCardCopy

The $1.49 each price tag stopped me in mid-click.  I need 50-75 cards!  Are you kidding me?  It is only a 5x7 photo basically!  No thanks.   I decided to make my own. 

First I need the photo.  Over thanksgiving, I always do a family picture while at my moms, since we dress half decent for dinner that night and it is usually snowy and pretty there.  This year I got an image with several snowflakes over our faces and Ty blinking, but after some editing in Photoshop, I created a workable image…

DSC_0889_txt  DSC_0889__edited

Then I tried out the image with my versions of both card designs which I made from scratch in Photoshop, using the expensive designs as my inspiration…



The retro one is my favorite, though I like the striped one because I love the verse!  I think I am going to send out some of each! 

Kinda makes me want to design cards for other people next year.  Or, I could even go year round and do photo invitations, announcements and Thank-You’s!  Anybody want to be a guinea pig???

But, please, people – SEND OUT YOUR CHRISTMAS CARDS! 


  1. You did a great job, I love them both!

    I've noticed the lack of cards this year also. We've only received two & they both came today. It's kinda sad! I sent ours out this past Monday, so we're all set!

    Happy weekend!

  2. it looks like you punched Ty in both eyes, what the heck

  3. I did punch him in both eyes. I do it every time he misbehaves. Actually I just should have used flash.