Wednesday, January 4, 2012

gift card wrapping


Hey – I didn’t share this in time for Christmas, but people give gift cards for birthdays, anniversaries and thank-yous all year, right?  It still applies.  It’s an easy way to wrap a gift card…

Take a decorative paper – could be scrap book paper, maps, music, book pages, etc. – and (if needed) cut to about 1.5 times as wide and 3 times as tall as your gift card (my hymnal pages were just the right size).  Fold the bottom edge up, leaving enough of the top showing to fold down as an envelope flap…


With this one fold completed, sew around the perimeter of the paper, leaving 1/4 inch seam allowance, using thread color of your choice…


Then wrap your gift card in a little tissue (I used vintage sewing patterns which are printed on tissue, which I got at the thrift store), stick it in the envelope, fold the flap closed and secure with some twine or ribbon! 


Ta-da!  I think this adds a personal touch to giving “impersonal” gift cards!

I ended up slipping this little envelope inside a zippered pouch I made for a gift, and then slipping that inside of an old sewing pattern envelope…



See the sewing pattern envelope?  I just love that look.  Any of these could simply be done with different colored ribbon and would be fitting for any time of year.  This little package…


With a brightly colored twine like turquoise or orange, and no holly berries, or another floral sprig, this would make a sweet package for any time of year.

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