Monday, August 1, 2011

two new surpluses!


You know a good surplus store can bring a smile to my face!


Mark didn’t get to go this time - he was smiling because he got to hang out with his sweet babysitter! 

Okay, so you remember when I blogged about the “mother lode” State Surplus in Auburn?  Well it liquidated and consolidated into the State Surplus location in TumwaterLeah was here visiting so she and I took off on a little road trip to try out that location.

Verdict:  not impressed

The Auburn location had been open to the public for the most part, with a small back area that was roped off.  This Tumwater location was probably only about 25% open to the public.  It was mostly electronics, smalls and desks.  It was not a total bust, though; I managed to find two maps; one of the US and the World…


These are the pull-down maps used in schools.  They attach right to the rails at the top of heavy duty chalkboards.

As I was digging and checking all the maps to find my US one, I came across one with this inscription…




It was old and tattered, and turned out to be a really neat old map of the Seattle area, from Lake Forest Park to South Center, with all the little neighborhoods labeled.  It is after 1940 because it has the Lake Washington floating bridge, and after 1963 because it has the Everett Point bridge, but I don’t think it is much newer than the 60’s or maybe 70’s because of the way it is made.  I can’t photograph the whole thing because it needs to be reconditioned and won’t stay down by itself.  After a tune up, this might be going into the loot for my upcoming sale. 

Since we were disappointed with the volume of goods available at the Tumwater location, we got real wild and decided to stop off at another Surplus on our way home.  Leah had recently found the UW Surplus in Seattle.


Verdict: interesting items with moderate volume of goods available

Some views…




It being a college, they had athletic gear, weird scientific devices and other unique items.  Also the usual chairs, file cabinets, office supplies and furniture.

See those chairs at the bottom of that last picture?

A couple might have come home with me.  Along with a metal wastebasket.


And two little filing cabinets which I will show you after I paint them.

I am uber excited about those chairs!  Pottery Barn had an identical chair painted black for $249, and I got mine for $20/each!  I <3 Surplus.  I can’t wait to thrift together my table and four more chairs and get some paint on those babies.

Anyway, I think that’s all I got, until tomorrow. 


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  1. Um...Im not sure Im okay with you selling the Seattle map! You must give me a chance to buy it before you add it to your booth. Is that bossy enough?