Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Well, I have been dreading this blog post.  You see, everyone the four people who read this blog are waiting for me to come back and say how great my sale went and how I sold out of everything in an hour...  Do you hear the crickets?  You’re gonna be waiting a long time because I’m not gonna say that.  It turned out to be the wrong venue I guess.  And I say “I guess” because I truly don’t understand it.  Maybe my stuff is really ugly and I’m the only one that likes it – it is possible.  Lots of other goods were super ‘crafty’ like, sorry, I have to say it – ‘old lady style’ crafty.  My booth and one other booth were the only booths remotely vintage / modern / up cycled stuff.  It didn’t look like she did too hot either, but she was more positive than I was. Bottom line: I sold about 15 items.  I covered my registration cost and made about $30 over that and my mom felt bad for me and gave me the $22 she had made – I sold her flower pins and headbands at my booth.  Aren’t moms the best?  Thanks mom.  My friend Sarah made several crocheted cuff bracelets and a few slouchy hats and one scarf and put them at my booth and they sold well.

So now, I have a ‘client’ =D buying a bunch of my items, and once her order is finalized, I will get the rest of the junk on Etsy and let y’all know.

Moving on.

Every time I see these or this picture it makes me happy!…


AshleyAnn Campbell at Under the Sycamore always has vintage Rick Rack and I have never seen any at thrift stores.  Then this past trip there it was, a whole bundle!!!  I don't even want to open them or use them, they are so full of punchy vintage charm!  Swoon.  People this goes to prove that you have to go, go, go to the thrift stores.  Sometimes you find nothing.  Sometimes you find treasures.

This little treasure is making me swoon lately as well…


She is such a dramatic little stinker but I love her.  That is her new hi-tech high chair.  She was climbing the old tall one so I kicked it to the curb but she is still too height challenged for the big girl chair.  I bought a $4 Tupperware bin at Target for her to sit on in the chair.  Works great. 

Well gotta get ready for work.  Hope to share a couple projects with you this week!  Peace!


  1. Sorry you didn't sell much, but hey! you got a "client" and will have an Etsy. :) You will do good there. Lol BTW, your stuff wasn't ugly! it's super CUTE! :D ~Sarah :)

  2. Hang in there, I am shocked more people didn't bite! I guess what you need to do is be at a farm chicks type of thing. I love your stuff!