Friday, December 2, 2011

one last infomercial

I feel like all I blog about lately is my sale.  I know, it’s true, but that’s all I do lately and all I stress think about.  It is one of those things that you look forward to but it is a lot of work and once you get close, you just want it to be over! 
So, here is a little preview of the stuff I have gathered over the past several months, that I will have in the sale…
DSC_0976 DSC_0981
I started packing things up yesterday, and there are a bunch of things packed that I realize now, I never photographed!  So you have to come to the sale and see the rest.  If you missed the info…

The 25th Annual Dickens Fair
Over 90 craft vendors and children caroling!
coordinated by Lake Stevens School District
Saturday December 3, 2011
10am to 4pm
Held at Cavelero Mid High
8820 24th ST SE
Everett WA 98205
Admission Fee: One canned food item or monetary donation for the Lake Stevens Food Bank.
I will be at booth 39 along the East wall in the main room with the stage. 

It should be a great place to do your shopping… has everyone else started theirs already?  I have planned a lot but not bought a single thing!!  Maybe the sale will provide the opportunity to get started!  Looking forward to seeing some friends and meeting some new ones at the sale.
Also looking forward to taking my profits and buying a much needed foot rest stylish coffee table so hubby will stop whining that I got rid of his “favorite one” (???), and returning to my regular life, instead of this craft and deadline crazed version! 
Have a good weekend y’all!  =)


  1. Why is this stupid fair going on when Im not there? I hope its a success...but a part of me would be okay if no one bought anything and you had to give it all to your friend ;) No, no...I'll be a good friend and hope that you leave without a single item left! It would make packing up a whole lot easier.

  2. Also, your header is cute!