Friday, December 2, 2011

vintage film holders as photo frames


Lookey, Lookey!  This has to be one of my favorite vintage up-cycled items!



It is just a vintage 4x5 film holder, which was used in old cameras like this…


I found it buried in the back room at work and was carrying it around doing a happy dance and shrieking.  He probably saw me on the surveillance cameras and never would have guessed I was bouncing around because I found his 50 year old camera.  He let me buy it and gave me a great deal.  =)  I can’t wait to find some kind of neat way to display it behind glass.  I did find something neat to do with the film holders I got with it though…

Using these film holders as frames is easy, you simply slide one of the holders out, slide the photo in, then push them in together and straighten out your photo… 



Totally cute!  There is a holder on each side so these can be double-sided too. 

I have three extra film holders, but I don’t know if I can sell them at the Dickens Fair because I don’t know if using them as frames is considered ‘modified’, so I might have to put them in the Etsy shop when I’m done with the fair.  If you don’t find one from me, you can usually find them on Etsy or Ebay for $10 or less/each in lots, just search “4x5 film holder”.

Happy Friday!


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! :D ~ Sarah :)

  2. These are down right killing me!!!! I love them! I am super amazed your selling them! You kept at least one right?

  3. I might have a couple extra if I had a good friend who would get me a Carmel shirt. =D