Monday, December 19, 2011

gift ideas { memory game }


I am back to share a gift idea from Purl bee.  I originally found and re-pinned it on Pinterest.  Can I stop saying “on Pinterest” now?  Do you all know what “pinning” is yet?  If not, please go sign up and find out.  It will help you remember all those neat projects you need to waste time on, or all the fashions those stylish girls are wearing or… you get the picture.

The gift idea is a sweet little felt and fabric memory game.  Here is how mine turned out…




I am super happy with it.  And I can share it here because it is for a sweet little friend who doesn’t yet frequent my blog!  =)  It took about 1-2 hours, but it was really simple.  The pattern/instructions make a game with 40 pieces, I opted for only 20 (10 matching pairs).

Often my favorite part of giving gifts is wrapping them.  Every year I have visions of all-matching wrapped presents under the tree, with matching ribbons and creative tags.  It might be all wrapped in newspaper with red and green bows, or brown paper with bright ribbon or large embellishments, or white with stenciling or anything with baker’s twine… Every year the experimentation never stops and it ends up a smorgasbord, but a cute smorgasbord!  With this one I knew just what I wanted to do.  I gathered some supplies…


And came up with this!

DSC_1093 (2)

I wish every gift I had this year were small enough to fit into these little berry crates!  I got them at Farm Chicks this year ($3 for 6 of them!) and knew they would come in handy for gift-giving.  So fun! 

What is your preferred wrapping style?


  1. Lovely and sweet as always!!

  2. LOVE this. You might cringe when I tell you that my favorite wrapping style is newspaper and twine.

  3. Actually, Nicole, I use newspaper, too! I did mostly newspaper last year with red and green ribbons! I used some this year and Blanca told me, "Gosh, Tasha, why don't you just use toilet paper, then?!" LOL. Teenagers!