Wednesday, December 28, 2011

forever and a day


did you all have a merry christmas?  I sure did!  I have an amazing story to share, when I feel like writing…  if any of you witnessed my amazing surprise and have pictures, would you email them to me, please?

for now, …my friend found me this mug at a thrift store…


she gave it to me because she is visiting from out of state and couldn’t take it home.  it says “forever and a day”.  “forever and a day” ______?   we are not really sure, but it is impossible to not smile when drinking my tea out of this cup. 

that my friends is thrift store shopping for you.  keep going back, because sometimes you find nothing, but sometimes you find a “forever and a day” mug with bunting on it.  =)

I’ll be back with some kid projects, house projects and odds and ends this week.  I’m on Christmas vacation from my job!  Yay!  Gotta go get some paint under my nails!

Oh yeah, and my blogiversary is coming up, so stay tuned!  Early next month I will be having a giveaway!  =D

1 comment:

  1. Such a cute cup! And I want to know what the amazing surprise is!! = )

    Enjoy your time off!