Monday, December 12, 2011

my wishlist


okay, first my friend Leah send out a plea for others to blog their wishlists, and I thought it was a fun idea.

then my mom was bugging me about which place I wanted a giftcard to to make family photo books (which I didn’t know because I hadn’t even looked it up yet!).

then a friend told me my hubby had some strange ideas for christmas gifts for me, and I thought, I should put together a wishlist - quick!!!

so here it is on Pinterest, and I’ll show you here on the blog too.

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1.  Those little Athro farmer’s market crates?  Any color!  So sweet!  $14.

2.  Adelyn Earrings from Elizabeth Williams Jewelry on Etsy, so stinkin sweet, $22.

3.  A sweet vintage inspired watch I pinned that is, of course, sold out.  I am on the hunt for a vintage inspired, double wrap watch, I need to keep track of the time at work!  $???

4.  Madden Girl boots.  Leah blogged about the knock offs she found at Franchescas, by the time I got to them – sold out.  I just checked the Madden Girls – sold out.  Story of my life.  Need to find some others like this.  $???

5.  Third Choice: Toms Classic Glitter Slip-On in Black, 8.5, $54

6.  First Choice: Toms Classic University Slip-On in Ash, 8.5, $54

7.  Second Choice: Toms Classic Canvas Slip-On in Grey, 8.5, $44

8.  I have officially given up on scrapbooking and need giftcards to order some family photo books from My Publisher!!!  AshleyAnn uses them and they are affordable with great quality and a wide range of options.  $-Giftcard

9.  Clinique high impact mascara, hands-down the best mascara I have ever tried and I’m almost out!  Sold at Macy’s, $14.


So that’s my list.  Now I have to show the hubby!  What’s on your wishlist!  Leave me a comment!  =)


  1. Good list! And I'm really almost done with the bed. Really. I even worked on it last night. I will get it done before I getting it done and taking pictures is a whole other story!

  2. My wishlist=
    1. Delicious bubble bath from bath and body works
    2. Fashion scarves
    The end!