Wednesday, November 30, 2011

it’s beginning to look a lot like…


… a working mother lives here!

Ha!  But I did finally bust out the Christmas décor this weekend, as you can tell from the blog header. 

I didn't make any new and amazing DIY creations, just put up the old stuff and called it good.  I changed things around a bit though and I like it…




Hmmm, I’ll give you one guess what colors I am digging again this year.  Red and green.  I HATED red and green for the longest time.  Last year I decided it was old fashioned and I love it still this year. 

We got to spend last weekend relaxing at my mom’s.  They have about a foot of snow so far, so we braved the cold and took the kids out like once…



I might have forgotten Susie didn’t have snow clothes yet.


Mark said his snowmobile ride was too slow and maybe grandma needed to take him on a ride.

Susie on the other hand…



No such complaint.

I am busting buns on my days off this week to finish up loose ends for the Dickens Fair.  I finished my bunting for my booth’s name today, “sew vintage”, with some help from little hands…


I went the cheap and easy route of pinning paper letters cut out from music books onto the gingham so that I wouldn’t be stuck with a “sew vintage” banner for ever.  I think I might repurpose it already for Christmas this year… that is if I can find another spot to cram in one last bunting!

I’ve got to go get a couple last supplies!  Later!

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