Monday, August 15, 2011

work wardrobe


So one of the fun things about going back to work was getting to get ‘dressed’ every day.  Yes I am one of those stay at home moms who sometimes leaves her pajamas or yoga pants on all day and then gets dressed and flat-irons her hair right before the hubby gets home.  But now it’s fun getting up in the morning and going to the closet because I have somewhere to go!  One problem.  There is nothin’ good in that closet.  Solution?  I would like to introduce you to, Plato’s Closet.

Have you ever been there?  For me, I don’t like paying full price but the idea of looking through the chaos of thrift store clothing paralyzes me.  I finally tried and found that anything I found was usually 60% to 80% of retail (even Target brands) and was usually worn, pilly or mis-shapen.  Some people have the time/patience and do an awesome job at it, but for me it was not worth the frustration.  But Plato's has become my compromise.  They sell used clothing but they only accept on-trend items!  You don’t have to dig through all the outdated stuff!  And their prices are great.  I have become a regular now and I really, really like it.

Hubby did a side job and let me spend it on clothes for work!  And he told me to come back with some Sevens!  Woo-hoo!  Here are my finds from my last trip:


Left to right: Seven Jeans (retail at $150), William Rast Jeans, and three tops by Eyeshadow, WetSeal, and LoveRocks.  Hot denim with some “dark” left in them runs $50, more worn jeans are $40, and less hot denim brands range from $15 to $30.  It always amuses me to see what brands I go for.  I end up with some Hollister, lots of WetSeal and twenty-one, and often Mossimo.  But this one surprised me…


On the left, Mossimo.  On the right, JUICY COUTURE!!!  Yes, I am now the proud owner of a piece of Juicy clothing.  I had no idea they made ‘normal’ stuff.  I love that shirt – it fits nice on top, and it is slouchy but comes in at the waistband and still looks feminine.  Work is casual, so this will be nice for lazy days. 

So give Plato’s a try if you like on-trend and good service but can’t cram Nordstrom into your budget as much as you want to.  Oh yeah, the managers and girls at Plato’s help you too.  They will take your armloads of items and get a room started for you and give you fashion advice (phew!) and hunt down items for you.  I have a couple favorites, but they are all very helpful.


Lastly, I have one little random to share with you.  Do you ever run out of the hangers with the little groove in them that catches strappy tank tops and wide neck shirts?  I run out all the time, or sometimes it mis-shapes the shirt and makes me crabby.  I have found a solution…


I wrap a rubber band around the end of the hanger a couple times and it grips the shirt perfectly, so that it stays wherever I put it.  It actually works better for the wide neck tops than the hangers with the grooves do!  Easy.


Peace!  I will try to keep the posts coming but it is a busy week at work; I should be tackling my first Senior session solo at the end of the week!  Pray for me!  =)

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