Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a much needed vacation + a recipe


Last week was crazy at work for me, and Ty had been cooped up all week with a sprained ankle (I know, poor Ty, right?  Ha!), and we badly needed to get out of the house.  So we grabbed some friends and headed to the Teanaway.

The first day we started with a hike.  One of Ty’s famous hikes. 

DSC_0103  DSC_0104DSC_0123  DSC_0130DSC_0143DSC_0151

7/8 of the way up, the kiddos were done.  We took in the views and then Ty and Blanca and I climbed the rest of the way to the very top…


There are two equally breathtaking top peaks…


See in the second picture how the huge boulder appears to be balancing on it’s tip?  I was sitting on that boulder taking the first picture and yelling at them to get back from the edge, then they notified me that my boulder was even more dangerous than their boulder, so we traded places and took the second picture.  The walk from peak to peak is short but looks like this…


See that sweet little patch of grass?  Don’t go over there…


Yeah.  It is a sandy, slippery, straight-down cliff.  Gave me the heebies.

Anyway, this place is called “Hole in the Wall” because of this feature near the top…


Pretty strange.  Kinda like my sprained ankle Cliffhanger wannabe husband.  I have no idea how this rock came to be this way and also why there are no others like it that we have ever seen in the area. 


After that we needed some nourishment.  Pollo (chicken) a la crema.  Oh baby.  Recipe to come tomorrow…


My all time favorite Mexican food.  Easy and delicious!  Somewhat similar to my all time favorite Italian food – Fettuccini Alfredo.  Hmmm.  I am seeing a pattern here, and it is called heavy cream. 


On day two we set off on a little jaunt off a logging road and back into the woods. 


Destination: natural waterslides.


He is timid just like me… we watched together from the shallows…

DSC_0279  DSC_0280DSC_0290  DSC_0289DSC_0334  DSC_0349

They look all sweet and misty because I used a slow shutter speed, but the water actually moves pretty quickly through the chutes… hence why I kept my feet in the shallows.  I sink. 

We played until we were all tuckered out and ready to get a snack and sit in traffic for hours.  This was only the beginning of the traffic…


I love that sweaty, fluffy little man.

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  1. FUN! So glad Sandy and the girls got to go with you guys. Although, why have you never taken your friend to this spot?
    Mark without a shirt...so cute.