Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pin-spired productivity continues


I hope the Pinterest Challenge helped you all realize that endless pinning profits us nothing.  It certainly did me.  Since making over my Pinterest-inspired waste-basket, I saw something else on Pinterest I decided to actually DO.  What a novel idea, right?

I pinned a few chalkboard doodling ideas…


that caused me to realize mine needed something a little cuter than a printed alphabet.  So I DID IT…


It is not as doodly and whimsical as I would like but it is a start. 


I asked my photographer pastor if I could borrow his 32 mm lens for a wedding I am shooting in September, and he and his wife dropped it off yesterday!  What a lovely surprise.  He said I should get it early and practice, but I thought that meant like a week early.  When I have camera/equipment that I love, I find that it helps me take wayyy more pictures.  Especially  the every day stuff…



I must go outside to the garden jungle now, and I’d better not take the camera with me – last time I did that no weeds got murdered.  And there are a plethora of weeds that need to be murdered.  No, seriously…


A couple of those plants are actually supposed to be there.  Too bad the weeds aren’t edible and that energy can’t be bottled.


  1. Very cute! And I love your babies...they are so crazy.

  2. Great chalkboard decor, you inspire me.