Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I made me some jewelry & other stuff


I just got Southern all of a sudden.  That was fun. 

So last time I was at Joanne’s Crafts  I came across some jewelry kits by Laliberi...




I likey.

The instructions start on the back of the package and show you what simple tools you need to assemble them.  They were $6.99, which is a good price for store-bought earrings, and these were cuter than anything I have seen at Tarjay when I was looking this spring.

I also decided to buy some parts and pieces and assemble another pair of earrings and a pair of pins…


DSC_1291   DSC_1296DSC_1280

I likey very much.  The pieces were cheap and I just clipped the plastic loops off the backs of the little buttons and then glued them onto earring posts and the pins, with Aleene’s Instant Jewelry glue.  That was my friend modeling the bobby pin for me.  I wasn’t about to try to do that in the mirror.  Anyone else have trouble with mirror photos or is that just me?  Okay, just me.

A couple randoms…

Are you ready for a once in a lifetime opportunity?  There was someone around while I was making food, and I let her have the camera and (gasp!) take pictures of me while I made PW’s iced coffee


DSC_1257   DSC_1260

I look like a spaz but what else is new?  While I am smiling, I am saying through clenched teeth, “do I have a double chin?”  yes, a little bit.  The coffee turned out pretty ah-mazing.  As you can see by the drizzle shot, we did the condensed milk version.  MMMMM.  There now you saw me on the other end of the camera for once.  Don’t get used to it.  It gives me the willies.

Speaking of beverages, have you guys tried any of the throwback pops?  This is an awful blue picture and I am way to lazy to fix it, but they look retro, see?…


We have tried Pepsi and Mountain Dew in the throwback versions.  They are made with real sugar – no high fructose corn syrup.  We think they taste way super better than the fructose versions!  There is no after-burn on your tongue after you drink it.  Muy Bueno.

I spent half the day organizing my craft supplies and gathering paperwork from all sorts of half-a** locations around the house and going through everything and consolidating.  Susie was so helpful…


She took everything out of my files and started coloring things.

Thanks to  Despite Susie’s help, today I got 6 of 13 things crossed of my list of goals for the week!  Cruising right along.  =)  Goals and I didn’t used to get along, but now I think we do.  As long as they are little goals – for now.  Certain friend who is reading this, don’t tell me you told me so, okay?

Later gators!

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