Thursday, August 11, 2011

crafting again


I am telling you, my list of goals for the week is doing it for me.  I am getting caught up and many of the things making the list are actually fun things now!  I had six thrifted containers waiting to be made into pin cushions for my sale, and I got ‘er done…


This one is my new favorite…


That little dish is so cute!  It is stamped “Copyright 1989”.  There may have been many more.  They may be haunting me.  I may have to go back.

And I also got my curtains made from that vintage sheet I thrifted this week!  I was so excited about them I got them done before they even got on the goals list!…


You only get a preview because they are literally hanging on a string right now.  I haven’t gotten a curtain rod yet, but I had to see them up! 



  1. Beautiful, Tasha! I may have to call on you about curtains soon. I am thinking about painting and making curtains for the laundry room. I need a project.

  2. Super Cute Tasha! :)