Wednesday, August 31, 2011

feeling lighter


My hair was a little too long and flat.  I been feeling like a hippie.

I had these styles on my Pinterest fashion board…

pinterest hair

My goals were shorter bangs, more layer, and maybe a wavy style that I could achieve at home?  And my hair lady did a great job!

Photo_379F6800-72C1-C51A-C9BC-80FB2EDC2024  Photo_12561FEE-AAD6-9B04-D81D-0B82B41A43CB

It is shorter, with more layer and I think the wavy look came out really well!  The photo was at the salon and it was still a little tight in the picture – it broke up a bit more (as she said it would) and ended up exactly like in the Pinterest pictures!  Sweet – I have a new style option.  That only happens once a decade for me.  It looks great when I just straighten it, too. 

To achieve the look, she blow dryed my hair, then wrapped chunks around a large curling iron, and added a lot of hair spray.  By the way, if you hate hair spray because it gets crunchy, you haven’t found the right one yet.  I used to hate it and now I have Aussie and it is nice and soft but still holds.  Anyway, I am glad I know how to do this look now.  But a large curling iron is now on my shopping list.  =) 

My hair lady (is there a better name for her?) Jaime, does a really great job, she is the owner at Salon on 4th in Marysville.  I highly recommend her. 

Aintcha glad I shared that bit of breaking news with you?  Peace!