Saturday, August 6, 2011

saturday miscellany


Today’s post was supposed to be yesterday’s post but I spent a lovely day with the husb and the fam, so now it is today.  The house is still a mess.  I still haven’t gone grocery shopping.  But it’s okay, we’re all having a good time.  =)

So when I blogged about the chairs I got on my latest trip to surplus, I couldn’t find the Pottery Barn version online to show you, but the other day I found the page I had clipped from their catalog, and just look at the comparison…


Um, yeah, I’ll go with the $20 ones, even if I have to rattle can them myself. That means I paid 8% of retail for mine!  By the way, has anyone tried Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint yet?  Miss Mustard Seed has been raving about it for some time now, and I really need to make it to my local dealer and get some to try out.  It is expensive.  :’(  It is gorgeous, but I’m not sure I can be convinced to paint those chairs by hand rather than spray them but we’ll see.

Speaking of spraying, can you tell I’ve been hard at work?…


I love the toe outlines caused by the white overspray.  I took a couple filing cabinets from dingy “greige” to something a big step cuter…


I will have to show you the outcome later… I am making a modular desk for my crafting area in my room, but it is still in total disarray.  I need time and finances for a little trip to Ikea to finish it up!  Having a tabletop on your desk is kind of important.

My mother in law gave me some fresh Chelan peaches so I asked Leah what peach pie recipe she uses and she obliged me…


She wisely told me to use the Joy of Cooking Fresh Peach Pie recipe (I couldn’t find it on the official JOC website, but this one lists JOC as the source and it has the same ingredients Leah mentioned to me).  And I used PW’s crust recipe.  Took some to soccer and some to Bible study and got many compliments!  Thanks MIL for the peaches and thanks Leah for pointing me to a great recipe! 

Susie was kissing Stormy while I was baking…


People keep telling me his cheeks are so puffy… I guess can see it in this shot…


Can I just be crazy and post one more cat picture?  It has a story to go with it, I assure you… OK?  OK.  I got about one tenth of the way done weeding the jungle-garden.  After I headed in to start dinner I heard mark screaming at Susie to stop and something about eyes and can’t see.  She wears glasses because she is extremely far sighted and goes cross-eyed, so I figured maybe she was about to do something dangerous and couldn’t see it…???  I rush out there and she had done this…


So Mark was yelling because Susie was dumping shovelfuls (what is left of the shovelful by the time she gets it to his head) of dirt onto Storm’s head and storm was sitting there the whole time, closing his eyes because dirt was getting in them, but just sitting there.  I told Susie “NO” then ran back into my house for the camera and he was still sitting there with his eyes closed when I got back!  What a fruitcake!

Meanwhile Susie had moved on and was running around being Susie…


She is done with yelling “Cheese!” and sticking her nose in the lens; now the camera = a game of cat and mouse.  Sometimes I think there might be no difference between living at my house and living in an insane asylum. 

Last but not least on my list of random things to share with you… my goals list is totally working!


I used to use this whiteboard on the fridge for my weekly meal plan but I have not been into cooking lately.  I still do it, just in a rut right now.  So last week, I put a list of chores / projects / etc on the whiteboard instead.  By Friday I had completed 9 of the 12!  Plus one of them I partially finished and one has to wait for a trip to Ikea.  I think it helped me when I ran into a dead end on some project, or was getting bored or tired, I would look at my list and see what I could get done.    I love seeing all the things crossed off as the week goes on! 

That’s all I got.  What is keeping you going right now?

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  1. Im excited to see the file cabinets! And...what a little stinker miss suz is! As if you didnt already know. I cant believe the cat just sat there. Awesome cat.