Tuesday, August 9, 2011

new life via spray paint


Made over a couple items today with the old rattle-can…


I picked it up at a yard sale, and had already decided to paint it before I even got it home.  It filled in a blank spot in my pitcher collection, which was waiting for one from Ikea.  I gave mine to a client (there’s that fancy word again, I am such a wannabe).  I think I’m good with this one instead of the Ikea version – just saved $5.

And I forgot to take before pics, but have you seen those very country, rusty old corn-cob shaped cornbread pans?  There seem to be real old ones and reproductions – both of which always end up rusty.

But have you seen one like this?…


I thought it would be cute painted and used for organizing.  I think it turned out really cute!  My MIL gave it to me – MIL, are you horrified that I painted it?  I am adding it to my growing stash for the fair I am selling at this winter.  But I might have to go into business on Etsy before then – I feel like my room is going to reach hoarder status before the sale if I keep saving things up like this!

Have a good day!


  1. You were right! I love it!

  2. If you start an Etsy store I'll be a loyal customer! What cute ideas!