Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quick Glasses Case

I scored some new $5.99 glasses at Ross the other day. I had sat on my old ones. But I didn't like just throwing the new shiny ones in my purse, to get all scratched like my old ones had. Even my eyeglasses are very scratched up! So I dug out my bin of fabric scraps, got some felt, thread, button, scissors rotary cutter and cutting mat, to whip out a quick protective case.

Just cut the pieces of felt to the desired shape. I chose to do a pleat on one and 45 degree corners on the other. Leave one piece longer than the other to allow for a button / flap closure. Sew around the three edges (not the end with the flap).

Add the button and cut a slit and you have yourself a nice little case to keep your glasses or shades from getting scratched! I whipped up one for my eyeglasses, too.

Has anyone seen a store bought version of this? I envision a nice velvet bag with drawstrings. I figured they must exist, but with two little ones, I didn't feel like trudging around to store after store looking for one. For free, and without making several trips to retail stores... I think these will work just fine!

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