Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Out of the Office

I am headed out with kids and husb on a road trip, to chill at my mom's. And I mean chill! I will have to report the temps when I come back - it's deep in a valley, surrounded by mountains and snow! I'll be working on my quilt while I am there, though, so I guess you could call it a business trip. ; ) Here's a snippet of what I got done today in our bedroom...

I painted! The color, of course, will not be accurate on computer screens, but let's just say it is a big change from the previous, almost white walls. It will air out while we are gone and I'll start putting the room together when we get home. The quilt will take a while though so hang in there.

And, don't worry, I have posts scheduled for every day I will be gone! I know, you were worried! ; )

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