Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making Arrangements

When I visited my mom's last week, I made away with some free goodies. Stuff so cute she shouldn't have been getting rid of it, but I didn't bother to tell her that - I swiped it from the free box and made a run for it.

Let's start with the round, woven basket. It's really sad how excited I am about this basket. First off, I have a problem. A problem that I love. I love our house to pieces. I mean, we remodeled for a year, with our own hands, and tons of help from family and friends and strangers who got roped into helping us. But, it's only 1610 square feet. It's basically like a 3 (small) bedroom apartment. I have no room for extra furniture, and now that we have two kiddos, my office and crafting space has become a big-boy bedroom. So I have a tiny desk in my master bedroom, and a filing tower in there, as well, but really struggle with office/stationery/office electronics storage. Stuff usually has to be in-sight, which is ugly, so I am always on the look-out for cute storage. If you look at Martha's decorating books, she always stores the every-day functional stuff in pretty ways. That is why I am so excited about this basket! Look what it fits perfectly...

Isn't that perfect! Not only is it totally adorable, and hides the wildly colored CDs, but it is also accessible! Lots of stuff in my house ends up enclosed either in boxes, drawers or our little attic spaces. So to have these handy is totally cool. Wow, that was a lot on a little basket. Sorry. It's the little things that make my heart pitter-patter!

Moving on, this trio made it's way onto the nightstand in my master bedroom, and is awaiting a tray of some sort...

I hope to find one thrift store hunting this weekend. I love how the tones in the bark perfectly match the chips in the table. I'm telling you, it's the little things...

This little guy found a home among my pewter collection, but I need to keep an eye out at the thrift stores this weekend for a pewter tray or pedestal for him. Also, another shorter pewter candlestick would be nice...

Finally, this big guy found a home in my Easter display (I know, I'm a little early)...

You can't really see it in the top pic, but his bark was peeling off his candle. I fixed it with the quick strand of hemp. Good as new. He originally sat in the little rusty tray, but I thought he would look cute with some Easter goodies. I already had the nest grass, and recently used my 40% off coupons for Michael's on the eggs and chick card holder who will hold a "He is risen" sign when we get a little closer to Easter.

On another note, I made these yesterday...

They were very delish, even though I forgot the vanilla. There were only 3 ingredients to the filling, and I forgot one? I am losing it. I bet they are even better with all the ingredients!


  1. See how she is. She stole them right out from under me. She was supposed to be helping me time I'll think twice before I let her go through my free box.

  2. She is a rat like that! On another note, I think you lied to me Tasha. I thought your house was like 1200 square feet?

  3. Ooops!!! I did lie - it is 1060 square feet! I knew that number didn't sound right!
    And, mother, remember when I told you "These are cute, you shouldn't be getting rid of these." And remember when you said, "I know, but I'm tired of them." ???

  4. I love it when you get the freebies, like I did from your house! Looks good Tasha!