Monday, February 8, 2010

I Never Should've Opened It... big mouth that is. I opened my big mouth and let on like my master bedroom redo was almost done. It kinda was. A little quilt piecing and send off the quilt to have it quilted and, I figured, by the time I got the quilt back in a week or so, I'd have gotten the rest of the accessories and the curtains together. Well, that was until I laid out my quilt pieces tonight to get ready to sew them tomorrow. This is what I saw...

CHAOS!!! It's so busy! You see, I made about half of the stars. Each star block takes probably ten minutes... 42 stars so far = 420 minutes so far! And I'm not even halfway done overall!! You can see why I got impatient. So I made the much-faster-to-fabricate-square blocks to fill in the blanks. And I just now laid them all out together. It's actually organized chaos (I'm a little OCD), but still, not the sweet pattern I was expecting.

So that's not working for me. I laid out the stars I have so far, without the squares, and it looks soooo much better. Now I have to go get more fabric tomorrow, and then have mass quantities of cutting and piecing to do to make 38 more star blocks! ARGH!


  1. haha, quilting!

  2. Oh gosh, I like it! But then again I like busy and chaotic! A little OCD.......