Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Reveal - MIL Master Bath

One of my side jobs is decorating for my Mother-In-Law. I might have some other room reveals from her house coming up soon, but for now, I have the best one of all - the master bath. It was completed about 2 months ago, in month 9 of my pregnancy! That was fun... don't worry - I hired out all the hard labor (wish I could say the same for the pregnancy!).

Are you ready for this? This is a 20 year old master bath in desperate need of some style...

Background: The MIL still has white walls after 20 years, because she could never decide on colors back when they built their house, so she gave up. Boring, outdated fixtures were seriously bringing down the space, and the white walls were very cold. Her bathroom is where she gets ready for the day, so she wanted it bright and cheerful. I think you could say she got what she wanted...

Let's start with the closet -- that closet was bad! That big space and those high ceilings and all she had was a bar and a shelf! And, she tells me, that was an upgrade from what used to be in there! I drew up a plan and had a cabinet guy out. He took some measurements, and whipped this up for her...

Added some serious cabinetry, as well as a full length mirror, hooks, lighting and some decor.

For the vanity area, we had cabinetry made in a similar style to her other updated cabinetry throughout the house. The mirror was a standard-issue "American Lack of Style" beveled edge mirror, glued to the cedar wall. We weren't able to get it off without ruining the wood, so I had a frame made to cover the edge of the beveled mirror, and give it a totally custom look. I made the curtains from one modern panel with the huge grommets at the top. Looks country now!

Granite counter tops with tumbled edges keep up with the rustic feel, as do the warm hammered copper sinks and bronze-tone faucets.

For the tub area, we went with a pedestal tub, which I was only able to find online. The company is listed in the sources, and I highly recommend them. MIL found the poppy photo on canvas, which goes along with our poppy 'theme' in the room (more on that later). I had it framed to match the wood-tones we were working with. The large shelf is nice for keeping bathing supplies at the ready. I had planned on getting an aged, rustic, recycled fireplace mantle here, but there are no salvage stores in the Pacific Northwest! I am so jealous of you bloggers down south! It's okay, Pottery Barn came through with a nice shelf that made it work.

For the shower area, the pop-out wall got a bright splash of red, and the shower was done with an imitation Terracotta (I couldn't find the real stuff anywhere), with pebble and polished stone accents.

It seemed to come out with a real Tuscan feel. What do you think?

For those of you interested in sources:
Track Lights
Paint: Benjamin Moore's Lionheart #306 (yellow) and Moroccan Red #1309


  1. It's in the sources! Cute, huh? My mom wants it too.

  2. Wow, its beautiful! I love the towel rack and the entire bathroom area :) Nicely done.

  3. WOW! I am the Mother-in-Law, and these pictures almost do it justice. SOOOOOO beautiful...I love being in it. I take two bubble baths a day, just so I can look around in awe. The amazing part is that I am inspired to keep it spotlessly clean and picked up almost all the time, because when your decorator-daughter-in-law can take your eternally boring, drab, so uninspiring white space and turn it into such an enchanted world of vibrant color, you don't want to miss the joy of it! Besides, it seems like trashing it with dirty clothes and toothpaste dregs would be a severe act of dishonor to the decorator who strove to beautify my world. Thanks, Tash! Can't wait to see what we do next!

  4. Ty is a beast. Feed him much food.