Friday, February 26, 2010

He's Home!

10 days! That was the longest husb and I have been apart since we have been married! But he is finally back. He was on a missions trip to Tecate, Mexico. Husb didn't take a camera, so I will link you to Leah's posts about the Mexico portion of the trip here and here.

But here are a couple pics Leah's husb, Eric, shared of he and Ty's visit to see the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in Northern California on their drive back.

The first time I looked at that picture, I almost missed Ty standing at the bottom! That tree is a mother! Probably a great grand mother many times over, for that matter! Ty is a certified arborist, so this must have been really cool for him. I'm sure he was sharing some of his great tree knowledge and no-one-else-knows-what-he's-talking-about vocabulary with Eric. =) He knows way too much about trees.

The tree, General Sherman, is the largest tree (based on volume) in the world. It measures over a hundred feet around at the bottom, 275 feet tall, and the largest branch was six feet in diameter (it fell off in 2006)!

That is some gnarly bark! This giant is 2,300 to 2,700 years old, which means it could have been several hundred years old while Jesus walked the Earth! Amazing! I told husb he has to take me there for our 10th anniversary.

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