Monday, September 3, 2012

ASCP as chalkboard paint


This week I got a couple of projects done using some thrifted finds and Annie Sloan Chalk paint as chalkboard paint.

First, I started with a thrifted silver tray…


And have a sweet little kitchen chalkboard after four coats of ASCP in Provence…


I love the colored chalkboard idea.  Chalkboards are fun… colored chalkboards are SO fun!

I also did it on a thrifted clipboard this week…



These were quick and easy.  I just taped off the square with painter’s tape and did 3 coats of ASCP, putting my brush in a baggy and letting each coat dry between, then letting it cure overnight before writing on it.  It is a sweet and colorful little reminder on my desk.  I wonder fi there is a limit on how many clipboards I should have on my desk… I’m currently at 4.  Hmmm.


Have you guys done any quick crafts this summer?

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