Tuesday, September 4, 2012

“ceramic” horse


I took ceramics in high school. 

This is “ceramics”.

Also known as spray paint magic.

Enter thrifted toy horse ($3.99)…




I think he turned out purdy!  I used a coat of white Rustoleum primer which listed plastic as a surface it would stick to, and a coat of Appliance White Enamel because that’s all I had that was white and glossy.

If you’ve been to my house in the past month you’ve seen the horse sitting on my kitchen counter half-painted.  It was one of those projects.  I ran out of paint halfway through and it took me weeks to realize that although I kept forgetting to buy gloss white, I did have Appliance White, which is super glossy and should be sturdy. 

Though, he doesn’t need to be very durable; he won’t be played with much because of the toxic nature of spray paint, so he found a special place on the top shelf with Susie’s special chotchkies that are just for pretty…


I like him.

I got the idea from this pin.

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