Tuesday, September 11, 2012

thrift junky chronicles { no. 20 }


Some recent thrifting and yard sale finds…


From a recent yard sale I came away with a few fun items…

First, this sweet enamel breadbox with hinged copper lid …



Pretty rusty inside, so maybe not good for bread, but totally cute and I’ll use it to store something!  Yes it really was $1.  Sweet find. 

I also found a plaid blanket and a US Army wool blanket for about $1 each...




Yes, I washed them.  I’ll put the Army blanket away and use it for picnics and outdoor movie nights.  I like the plaid on the other couch, since it ties in the red with my tiny spots of yellow and blue in the room. 

I also bought this pewter cup and sweet yellow enamelware basin which both seem to be pretty old…



The pewter cup was .50 and the basin .75.

I also picked up this sweet old book “Green Grass of Wyoming”…

DSC_0629    DSC_0633

I’ll probably never read it but it’s great for looking cute on a bookshelf.


I got this neat old jar on one of my last thrift store trips…


I grabbed it at a glance and put it in the cart and never thought twice about it, which, if you’ve thrifted with me, you know is rare!  I’m usually indecisive about everything.


Love it.  The jar was $3.99.  I kinda wanna buy the huge canister of Target brand cheese balls to dump in it.  But then I’d eat them all. 


  1. Awesome finds Tash! And Im so glad you said you washed those blankets...it might have been the first thing that popped into my head. But I know your a germaphobe too so I shouldn't have worried. Hahaha...target brand cheese balls. Gross! But I'd prob eat them with you.

  2. Love the bread box. My Aunt used to have a turquoise one.My dad brought a ton of the wool blankets home from the army. We had them for years.

  3. loveee all the wintage stuff!!

    new follower