Monday, September 17, 2012

kitty love and not much else


we got a kitty.  at a garage sale.  for $20.

I would say that we got ripped off, but…



They would strongly disagree.  And he did supposedly have flea treatment, which is at least $20. 

I was standing there, holding him, asking questions, debating… then hubby handed the lady a $20, and said, “let’s go”.  Alrighty then.




The lady we bought him from said he and his brother just showed up at her house, and she lived in the woods, so the poor little guy had been wandering the woods without his mama!  His brother was already gone when we got there.  He is super chill, not nervous (required at our house), tolerates the kids super well, and purrs all the time.  Plus, he’s orange, which my husband requires in a kitten. 

So I have some fun things to blog this week; a little project, some redecorating at my mom’s house, and a tasty cute treat… but right now… I have a kitten to bathe in the kitchen sink.

Oh, yeah, and go here and enter my friend Sarah’s blog giveaway… she’s got some cute stuff, and a sweet, encouraging, artistic little blog!



  1. Oh my word - he is so cute - and I would definitely say worth the $20.

    Nina x

  2. AWWWWWWWWW! :D he is Sooooo cute! Name?

  3. We are thinking about Oliver or Aslan (sp?)... not sure yet!