Thursday, September 13, 2012

kids room update { cheap curtain solution }


A long time ago I created an… oh, let’s call it “interesting”, accidentally “circus” themed bedroom for Miss Susie.  Seriously, I’m not even linking you because it was pretty wild.  Am I the only one who’s decorating taste swings so fast within a short time?  I like to tell myself my taste is improving quickly.

Anyway, about a year ago, Mister Mark had to move into Susie’s room because we have steep, old stairs, he lived in the upstairs bedroom, had started sleepwalking, and I was afraid for his life. So to move him into Susie’s room, I had to make it more gender neutral, but I still wanted to keep it colorful.  I was forced to introduce low bunk beds into the tiny room; the only ones that would fit under my low ceilings, and I painted a light blue over the previously striped walls, brought in some playful navy and kept most of the colorful accents throughout.

This ended up being the only spot in the room that I really like…


I never shared the room reveal here because I am not in love with it.  It serves its function as well as the tiny room can for two kiddos, but I will be super excited when I can do separate boy and girl rooms again someday. 

But, a friend reminded me the other day that there is one thing in this room worth blogging about! 


This little corner is …okay… but the thing I was really happy with here is the curtain rods!  Did you notice their unconventional construction?  Here is a closer shot…


I don’t know where I originally saw the idea, but I was shocked when I went to the hardware store and it was $6 and some change at checkout, and that was for the two little windows in this room!!! 


I don’t know what all the parts are even called… the pipe is about 8’ long and I found it in the electrical department… with the plastic PVC pipes, and cost $1 and some change.  A small, cheap pipe cutter (looks like a little c-clamp) was super easy to cut the pipe in half for my two windows.  And I think the caps on the ends and the brackets that hold it to the wall are from the plumbing department; the caps cost about $1 each and the brackets were about $1 for a bag of four.  I picked up the pipe, told someone what I was trying to make with it, made it clear that it wasn’t actually for electrical or plumbing purposes, and they walked around with me and helped me find the right pieces.  For example, the caps don’t thread perfectly on the ends, but well enough to stay put on a curtain rod on the wall! 

We talked about this and then my friend send me a picture of hers, which are wayyy cooler than mine but were quite a bit more spendy, too.  When she posts about them I’ll update this post and add the link.

So what do you think? Casual and fun and worth it at about $3 per little window?  I think they’d be great in a casual/industrial work space, or a playroom.  Or both my kids’ rooms, obviously! 

What have you don’t lately that’s unconventional in your home?

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