Friday, September 14, 2012

thrift store chronicles { no. 21 }


this time it was thrifting and a yard sale. 

I got to go yard sale scavenging in Central WA while visiting my mom last week.  I met a little success…


A metal crate I planned on adding planks and casters to like this pin, but then I got home and looked at the pin and realized I needed two square ones.  Not sure if I will do the same thing with just this one, or repurpose it in a different way.  It was $10… a little steep but it was a yard sale in front of an antique shop (antique shops = $$$), and if I found one of these locally in a shop it would be more like high $20 range.  So I’m okay with it.  It is holding all my projector / movie night stuff right now, sitting in a closet. 



LOVE this elephant statue… the colors!  So whimsical and old fashioned.  I love the expression.  It was marked $1 but she threw it in for free with the crate because the elephant has a chip on one foot.  Works for me.



This one was found at a quick thrift store stop in mom’s little town.  A cute silver footed dish for $5.  I will probably use it for soaps in the bathroom.  Right now it landed on my desk and holds erasers. 

I’ve been busy this week and we are sharing a car because we sold our 2nd and have not found a new one yet, so when I do get out I have tons to get done, and I have been forcing myself not to stop at yard sales!  It is killing me!  I know when things settle down, and I can stop, they will probably be done for the year.  Oh well, finding more stuff means finding more stuff to get rid of; might as well save myself the work!

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  1. It just kills me the things you come up with. Is the elephant going in Susie's room? He is adorable!