Friday, August 31, 2012

bathroom progress: good news / bad news


Hey all!  It’s been a while!  I am back to share a preview with you and have many projects to share this week and next as well! 

So a few months ago I started revamping my bathroom based mostly on this inspiration pin:


This is the cabinetry I had to work with…

before5 (2)

Great bones, but I had grown to hate the color because there were too many different wood finishes happening in the room.  Painting all the cabinetry the same gray color was a no brainer for me.  I also painted the walls and changed out accessories that were part of the former color scheme.

Next came the counter top issue.  You can’t see it in the before picture, but my existing countertop is a green crushed leaves pattern; what was I thinking?  I was 20 and had zilch taste or style.  I love the marble countertop in the inspiration pic.  I had heard of people using different methods to paint formica countertop.  I chose to try Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint on the countertop, and try to get a marble effect. 

It actually went on really well, adhering to the countertop without any prep work at all.  I created marbling and then followed the paint with a few coats of their wax.  Here was the outcome…


So the good news is it looks pretty good…   I was going to live with it.  But I still thought the sink was much too large.  Then I set my hot flat iron on it, and it melted the wax finish = bad news.  Deal breaker for me.  But it is ok – I knew this was a test run to begin with.  And ASCP basically says they can’t recommend their paint for this purpose but says they do it all the time.   And this bathroom currently serves 9 people, so it is a tough case; I think it would have been perfectly fine in a powder room.  I have painted ASCP on many well used furniture items and it holds up extremely well.  Though it wouldn’t stand the test of time in this room, this little experiment has held me over and given me time to save to have the countertop replaced, so it wasn’t a total loss.  And I learned a lot about working with the paint.

So there you have a sneak peek into my bathroom redo.  After school starts, I will get back on it and finish off my last 2 or 3 items in the room and finally share the whole thing with you all!

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