Saturday, April 21, 2012

vote results


Thanks for your votes yesterday!  I think it is safe to say I win I will be painting the cabinet.

See, the husb wanted me to paint the washer/dryer cabinet with the unfinished new corner unit first and let him decide if he liked it before I painted the vanity. After I painted the W/D cabinet and after a few days with no acknowledgement of it’s change, I brought it up:

Me: So do you like the cabinet painted grey?

Ty: Not really.

Me: Oh. Well it looks way better. Can I paint the vanity, now?

Ty: I would rather you didn’t.

Me: Well it would look more cohesive to have the cabinets match, and the gray is so neutral and timeless, and the vanity looks horrible anyway, so it needs some kind of work – are you going to re-stain it?

Ty: Ha ha – no. Why don’t you ask your blog readers if you should paint it?

So… I got 7 yes votes and he got one no vote.  I WIN!  =)

It is our one full bathroom in the house.  We bought and remodeled 8 years ago and I didn’t really have a good sense of style then, or even know what my own style was.  Now I do have my own sense of style and this bathroom was not even close.  Freshening it up is now at the top of my goals clipboard list (it’s actually a to-do list, not like my #1 goal in life is to decorate the bathroom).

Here is the pin that started my vision for the bathroom…


I love the clean, classic, timeless white and gray.  I really like the marble.  I like the touches of green.  I plan on bringing in a little vintage and some pops of color, too.

My to-do list in here looks like this right now:

Make shower curtain from vintage sheet

Fix trim issues

Paint wall mural

Paint cabinets

Make new shelves

Paint clothes pins

Make rope basket

Find old metal box for storage

Install light fixture

New sink and Formica counter top???  Eventually?

It is coming along.  I am not hyperventilating when I walk in there any more, which is good.  Here are a couple more shots of that cabinet paint job…

WP_000518 (2)_txt_thumb[3]    DSC_0820_txt


Don’t look at the line at the ceiling; I still need to fix it when I paint that second cabinet.


Check out this horrible picture that shows you the one-coat, no priming coverage of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…


ONE COAT!  Right over the factory finish.  Love that stuff.

Anyway, I will do a post on the room when the whole bathroom is done. 

Which of your rooms is most in need of a makeover? 


  1. I need to get my hands on that paint for the hutch. Hmm.. I have a list of rooms to re-do. Bathroom, playroom, laundry room, kitchen. That's a little overwhelming! One room at a time...

  2. Yes, I have had to train myself to do one room at a time!